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    To gain an in-depth understanding of God's word, embark on a 15 minute scripture safari each day. Explore the Bible at your own pace with daily/monthly guides that explore themes throughout the ages in its pages – even when they seems unrelated, you can discover hidden connections as you grab your magnifying glass and read like a true scripture scout!

  • Our passion at Devotional Discoveries

    Are you looking to deepen your relationship with God and strengthen your faith journey?

    The Scripture Scout's Devotional Discoveries is an awesome resource that connects the Bible to everyday life.

    It offers easy-to-follow, insightful guidance on both personal or group devotions or study sessions - so jump in and enrich your special time!

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    Well hi! I'm Anne-Geri' Fann (it's pronounced "ann-juh-REE").


    I'm glad you showed up here! Are you a believer who wants to dive into the Word of God through serious devotional? Are you game to discover the places you can see Jesus no matter which book you're studying? Or maybe you're a person who prays to leave a powerful impact on the people around them? I believe you've landed in a great place to do those things!


    Devotional Discoveries is a site maintained by The Scripture Scout's Christian resources. The "scout" and a magnifying glass are our "mascots" because we believe that If ANY part of scripture is scouted around close enough ... even in Genesis ... you will. see. Jesus. Scout's honour! TTYS!
    -Anne-Geri' ("Angie" or "Anj")
  • Dive into a spiritual journey and explore God's WORD with devotional discovery! Better than your average social media platform, the Scout Network is a community that gets more valuable to every member with each new person who joins. It’s mighty powerful and fun, and it’s possible right here. Inspect God's Word to delve deeper & gain profound insights that you can apply in your own life.

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  • Hey there! Looking to dive into the Word on your desktop or mobile device?

    The Scripture Scout Christian Resources highly recommend using YouVersion's The Bible App for a seamless experience and accessible Bible studies. Check it out here and start your journey today! 📱🙏

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